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A closer look at our services

A comprehensive platform dedicated to residential real estate

Discover our suite of services designed to streamline your day to day business, whether it's about back office automation or smart finacial insights.


Meet our innovative platform

Unveil the power of our dynamic and personalized dashboard!


Manage your applicants

All your prospects on one single platform thanks to our personalised interface.


Access all your reports

Make efficient and informed decisions, all you need to know in one place.


Seamless integrability

With our API based architecture we can perfectly match your existing programs.

Discover our reports


Group 815

Identify sources of income and financial expenses

We quickly read Pay slips, Bank statements and Fiscal Declarations and combine them with external resources to gain a comprehensive picture of every tenant.

Group 813 (1)

Determine an affordable monthly rent figure

We compute an affordable range for rent payments and verify the availability of funds to cover the agency fees and deposit.

Group 1628 (1)

Quick integration of guarantors and multiple applications

We seamlessly weave together diverse applicant data into a singular, enticing document, offering a comprehensive snapshot of each unique scenario.


Group 813 (1)

Highlight a sustainable mortgage instalment

To ensure affordability and financial stability we recommend a mortgage instalment that fits within a 30% payment-to-available income ratio.

Group 812

Compute the maximum mortgage amount

By leveraging the sustainable monthly figure and actual interest rates we calculate the total mortgage amount that clients can afford for different maturities.

Group 1628

Verify the availability of funds to cover the down payment

We assess applicants availability and adequacy of funds to cover the down payment, ensuring a smooth and feasible start of the mortgage journey.

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Who can we cover

Customized analyses for every profile

Pay Slips




Group 814


We can include

Group 813

Joint applications

Manage multiple applications with simplicity.



Seamless guarantor involvement.

Discover our platform dedicated to residential real estate 

With Finioo, you can automate the entire screening process and focus on tenants who best meet your requirements!